Flight school in Andorra

Inspired by a group of aviation enthusiasts


We are an EASA certified ATO (Approved Training Organization) that will guide you on the path of becoming a professional pilot. From zero to hero, ideally.

We have a team of highly experienced airline aviators that will guide you through all the hoops, making sure all of you become competent aviators as well. Yes, aviators rather than pilots.

Our learning taxonomy is based on the students´ critical thinking skills that will be developed from day one. EASA 100 KSA program will be utilized to achieve that outcome. It is a structured concept where instructors will be observing your behavior from the very beginning and help you develop your own comfort zone while being able to merge it with those of your fellow students. Remember, you do not decide on your future. You decide on your behavior, which in turn decides on your future. Obviously, “A” stands for attitude, observed through behavior. And, that is where we make the difference with our style of education and training. We will be your mentors and then best of friends, at the same time.

We strongly believe that enjoying the journey must be at least as important as enjoying the destination. Therefore, our training concept provides the variety and flexibility that not many schools can match. Our mission is to help you achieve your dream, and we take it very seriously.

Our ultimate goal is to help you become confident, cool and competent individual that no airline will hesitate to hire. Nevertheless, we shall go a step further. Our concept will ensure that you have appropriate qualifications as well. More on that once you join us on this special journey.

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