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You must be at least 17 years old to commence training with us.
In addition, you must pass a medical inspection carried out by an aviation medical examiner before you start.
You are more than welcome! We recommend that if you can you should come and visit the facilities.
We would be happy to show you around the buildings, housing and campus generally.
You may also spend time talking to instructors and current students to get a full picture of training with us and to help you decide if it’s the right place for you.
Please contact us for further details.
We offer a modular Airline Transport Pilot course. The pace of the course is flexible, so you do not have to leave your job to complete it. There is an option to just go for private pilot license, or commercial pilot license, in case you do not want to be an airline pilot.
Yes, you pay in installments. That is the great advantage of doing a modular course, the flexibility. Should you at any time decide not to continue the course we do not charge any extra funds. Also, we would leave doors open to you to come back and complete the whole course later on.
In the unlikely scenario that you require additional training we shall strive to minimize any additional costs that might occur. However, those costs would be borne by you. We already provide some of the most affordable pricing on the market and thus variation in the price, to cater for that. Of course, should you not require additional training, the total cost of your course will be on the lower side.
Another one where we offer flexibility. Normally, the course should be finished within 18 months window. Nevertheless, it can be extended as there are many factors that can affect it, like your personal circumstances, weather conditions, pandemics, etc. All in all, you do not have to leave your current job, if you have one, in order to complete the course. Although, some holidays and unpaid leave would be required.
Yet another area where flexibility comes into play. You will have a choice as to where to sit for your exams. Although, we recommend either Irish, Maltese or Polish licenses. In other words, thinking of your future career well in advance.
Andorra, a small beautiful country nestled in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.
Good, and a very important question. Our goal is not only guiding you through the hoops of obtaining the necessary qualifications, but also to secure the flight career. No point spending so much money for the course and being jobless afterward.
Definitely, career guidance and assistance. Also, you will join the institutions that will provide you with significant career services, at no cost to you.
As mentioned previously, you can either discontinue your training or freeze it for some time. If your medical disability becomes permanent and you cannot continue with your training we shall refund you appropriately.
Since there are entities that search Internet just to compare the costs of the various courses, we do not publish them here. Just contact our admission office and they will provide you with that information. Nevertheless, our prices are very competitive.
Accommodation, travel, additional equipment required during the course, like navigation computers. The first set of ground course examinations is included, but not if you have to repeat them. In essence, we lowered the price in order to provide you with freedom and flexibility to organize your travel, accommodation, etc. After all, it is difficult to cater to everybody´s taste and we thought it would have been better if you made your own choice. Same applies to the equipment. For example, maybe you know somebody that just completed the course and use their equipment, rather than paying for it.

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