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Steps to become an Airline Pilot

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Why choose AAA?

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Andorra Aviation Academy
Aviator course

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Like, what do I need to complete in order
to apply for pilot jobs?

In order to be eligible to apply for a position as a first officer with a commercial airline you must hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theory examinations. This is commonly referred to as a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence. This is the culmination of a number of different licences and ratings which are as follows:

PPL – Private Pilot Licence

This licence allows you to fly single-engine piston (SEP) aircraft under visual flight rules (VFR) in certain weather conditions known as visual meteorological conditions (VMC).

NR – Night Rating

This is a minimum five-hour course that allows you to fly your SEP (single-engine) aircraft at night but still only in VMC.

ATPL Theory

13 theoretical exams covering advanced subjects, plus 100 KSA (knowledge skills attitude)

CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence

This licence allows you to fly an aircraft and be paid for doing so. In other words, you are becoming a professional pilot.

MEP Rating – Multi-Engine Piston Rating

This allows you to fly an aircraft with more than one piston engine. The rating can be added to either the PPL or CPL but it is normally completed at the same time as the CPL.

IR – Instrument Rating

This allows you to fly an SEP(single-engine) and/or MEP(multi-engine) aircraft (if you’ve completed the MEP rating) under instrument flight rules (IFR) in both VMC and instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). It is inclusive of PBN(performance based navigation), which means flying by utilizing onboard computers and satellites.

A-UPRT – Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.

This teaches you how to stay out of trouble and how to recover in the unlikely scenario of getting into trouble.

Once you have completed all of these elements then you will be required to complete the following two additional elements before applying for or taking up a position as a first officer.

MCC – Multi-Crew Co-operation

This teaches you the process and procedures that are required for operating a multi-pilot aircraft.

JOC – Jet Orientation Course

This further develops your MCC skills and teaches you how to operate larger commercial aircraft.


This is our option – Airline Pilot Standard course. It combines both of the above, but to a higher level.

Founded in 2015

Andorra Aviation Academy is located in Principality of Andorra and it’s inspired by a group of aviation enthusiasts.

Andorra Aviation Academy offers a pilot training program (Aviator course) recognised in the whole of Europe and in 47 states in total.

  • Pilot training programs
  • Approved by EASA
  • Taught in English language

Andorra Aviation Academy and its partners offer pilot training courses approved by EASA EASA ATO.0033.

More info about the Academy

9 reasons to choose AAA?

  • 1Maybe the safest country in Europe with an unique landscape
  • 2Price warranty, no hidden costs
  • 3Flexibility and adaptability for your needs
  • 4Highly qualified professors & Instructors
  • 5Competent aviator program
Discover the 9 reasons to choose AAA


Steps to become an Airline Pilot

To operate as an airline pilot in an european airline (first officer position)

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