Student life style

Andorra & Europe

Andorra life style

Hospitality sense, Highlanders solidarity are the characteristics of locals.
Respect and love of the nature, non-polluting industries make the country a clean and healthy place.
Andorra is ranked as one the most safest countries in the world, our two controlled borders and an efficient but discreet police department make the territory a familiar place to enjoy.
Health public system is modern and close to patients with an hospital situated in the center of the capital plus a medicalized helicopter able to reach rapidly the high specialized medical centers in Toulouse or Barcelona.

Student housing

Andorra Aviation Academy can facilitate housing at walking distance from University of Andorra. Housing is facilitated close to the training flight centers in Europa (included). We are having “deals” with Gym & Sports Club, in the vicinity of the University, to which our students have access.


A superintendent is in charge to assist students outside training hours for any concern they could have to let them focus on their studies.


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