Professors / Managers

Our academy is lead by experienced professional and entrepreneurs, in aviation, management and finance.

Most of our ground instructors are airline pilots that work for major airline on aircraft ranging from the C 510 to Airbus A 380. Most of them captains with dual curriculum of pilot and aviation engineer.

Miquel Armengol

Miquel is an Andorran Entrepreneur,
He has set up one of the major commercial and logistics groups in Andorra (GRUP ACSA).

Raymond Ginesta
Executive Director - Compliance Monitoring Manager

Raymond is PDG by IESE,
he holds a PPL and ULM License.
He has been senior manager in a large andorran company and has been developing and implementing management and organizational systems in multiple business areas.

Stéphane Larrieu
Executive Director - Accountable Manager / Head of Training Deputy

Stephane holds an ATPL license and flight instructor qualifications FI/TRI. He flies for Air France as an airline pilot on Boeing 777 and Airbus A320 and he had been previously flying 4 years for Emirates on Airbus A380. He has logged more than 11,000 hours on various airline jets including Corporate jet. He has been involved in airline pilot training for more than 15 years and holds a Master of Science degree in aviation and a Master of Cognitive Sciences in pilots training.

Jean-Luc Turpin
Head of Training

Jean-Luc holds an ATPL licence and Airline Instructor and Examiner rating (TRI and TRE) plus a S/TRE Senior Type rating Examiner to train the trainers. He has been Training Director with an Air France regional carrier for several years developing and implementing operational pilot training programs. Jean-Luc has flown for various airlines and for the French Air Force. He has logged more than 10,000 hours on various jets, most of these hours were in training pilots.

Bosko Pejic

Bosko holds an ATPL license. He has flown for various Airlines on the Globe and he is currently Instructor (TRI) on Boeing 737-800-900 and flies for Ryanair. He has logged more than 19,000 hours. Bosko holds a Master’ s degree in Aviation and a MBA from Canadian School of Management. He is mainly teaching Fuel and Turbine Engine systems 020, Humans Performance and Limitations 040, Air Law 010, Operational procedures 070 and MCC course.

Jordi Martin
Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)

Jordi holds an ATPL license and is currently Instructor and Examiner TRI/TRE on Airbus A320 for Vueling airlines. He has logged more than 7,000 hours. He was simulator syllabus team coordinator and designed training scenario and content for all the company recurrent training. Jordi is a recognized photographer of weather phenomenons > More details
He is mainly teaching Meteorology 050 and supervise MCC course.

Clement Biran
Training assistant

Clement owns an ATPL and is FI(A) VFR-N. He is Flying a corporate jet C510 as first officer. He owns a Science High School Degree. He is in charge for the coordination of all instructors as well as the supervision of Students during their Time Building.

Guy Vadrot

Guy is a recognized Aviation Engineer after a career as flight Engineer on Mercure with Air Inter. Guy joined Airbus in 1987 and ran various development programs from A310, A320, A330 and A340. He was part of the manufacturing team of the second A380 prototype. Now Guy is leading the EASA DOA (Design Organisation Approval). He is mainly teaching Aircraft systems, Airframe 020.

Denis Chambelin

Denis is retired after a distinguished career of Airline Pilot and Instructor/Examiner (TRI/TRE) from Caravel to Boeing 777/747. He has logged more than 20,000 hours. Denis holds a Master of Science in Aviation and has taught Navigation for more than 30 years including the first polar flights ever. He is obviously teaching Navigation 060.

Sebastien Seguineau

Sebastien holds an ATPL license. He has flown for Ryanair, he is currently Instructor (FI) for PPL and CPL and flies for Norwegian on B737-800-900 and Max. He has logged more than 4000 hours. Sebastien holds a Master of Engineering Science degree from the recognized “Ecole Centrale de Paris” He is mainly teaching Piston Engine 020 and Meteorology .

Christophe Bellet

Christophe holds an ATPL licence. He has flown for various Airlines and he currently flies for Emirates on Airbus A380. He has logged more than 12,000 hours. Jean Christophe holds a Master’ s degree in electronics and automatics engineering.

Xavier Priego
Ground Instructor

Xavier holds a Commercial Pilot License and is Ground Instructor. He has a vast teaching exposure from PPL to instructor course and Airline pilot. Based on his Degree on Telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, high pass rate during his own ATPL exams and from his ability to lead a group, Xavier is able to teach the whole range of ATPL subjects.

Xavier Santamaria

Xavier owns an ATPL License and FI SEP. He is flying for Ryanair on Boeing 738. He owns 3 Bachelor in Business Administration, Laws and Commercial Aviation from Universities Oberta de Catalunya, Rey Don Juan Carlos and Politecnica de Madrid. He has logged more than 3200 hours on Jet. He teaches 070 Operational Procedures.

Enric Agud

Enric is meteorologist, weather presenter in radio and TV, he owns a Master of Meteorology of the University of Barcelona, as well as a Physics Bachelor. He teaches 050 Meteo.

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