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Our academy is lead by experienced professional and entrepreneurs, in aviation, management and finance.

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Most of our ground instructors are airline pilots that work for major airline on aircraft ranging from the C 510 to Airbus A 380. Most of them captains with dual curriculum of pilot and aviation engineer.


Miquel is an Andorran Entrepreneur,
He has set up one of the major commercial and logistics groups in Andorra (GRUP ACSA).

Executive Director - Accountable Manager

Raymond is PDG by IESE,
he holds a PPL and ULM License.
He has been senior manager in a large andorran company and has been developing and implementing management and organizational systems in multiple business areas.


Jordi holds an ATPL license and is currently Captain,LTC, TRI/TRE on Airbus A320 family . He has logged more than 14,000 hours on several types of aircraft ranging from turboprop commuter to jet . He is MCC/FSTD/FNTP team coordinator and designed training scenario. He has actively participated in Standards (SOP) and Training (AUPRT, PBN and EBT implementation) departments in several airlines. Currently collaborates supervising the implementation of 100 KSA and takes an active part in the theoretical and practical phases of the Andorra Aviation Academy MCC course approved by EASA. Jordi is a recognized photographer of weather phenomenons and has published several books on meteorological and aeronautical photography.


Aitor holds an ATPL(A) and is currently working as an A320 Captain for Volotea airlines. His previous assignment was as A320 Line Training Captain for Qatar Airways. He has logged more than 8000 hours on several types of aircraft ranging from turboprop commuter to wide body jet. He has also participated in line oriented safety audit flights including IOSA certification flights. He supervises the ATPL theory program and occasionally teaches focusing on 100KSA.


Enric is meteorologist, weather presenter in TV3 and Catalunya Radio ( Public Catalan Radio and TV ). He owns a Master of Meteorology of the University of Barcelona, as well as a Physics Bachelor. He teaches Meteorology.


Christophe holds an ATPL licence. He has flown for various Airlines and on many types of aircraft, from the Boeing 737-200 to the Airbus A380.He recently flew as Captain for Emirates Airlines on Airbus A380. He has logged more than 14,000 hours. Christophe holds a Type Rating Instructor and a Master’s degree in electronics and automatics engineering. Actually teaching Instrumentation, Airframe, Systems, Electrics and Power Plant.


Denis is retired after a distinguished career of Airline Pilot and Instructor/Examiner (TRI/TRE) from Caravel to Boeing 777/747. He has logged more than 20,000 hours. Denis holds a Master of Science in Aviation and has taught Navigation for more than 30 years including the first polar flights ever. He is teaching Navigation.


B737 Captain. ATPL (A), ex-Lieutenant in Spanish Airforce, as instructor. Then as an airline pilot, deep experience in charter operations in Europe and Africa, he joined afterwards a legacy airline in the Middle East involved in Long Range operations around the entire globe and presently operating on a Low Cost Company in Europe. He enjoys to share his experiences in many scenarios to enhance CRM and especially Threat and Error Management, to promote among the students a good professional culture and airmanship”.


Captain with Air X Malta.
Airplane and helicopter Flight instructor.
More than 14 000 flight hours.
Hold a computers science degree.
Teach Performances and Radionavigation.


First Class Mathematics Degree (BSc Mathematics).Frozen ATPL.
Qualified FCL055 English Proficiency Assessor.
His good results as a student and his great capacity for work give him the opportunity to grow with us as TKi. Actually is teaching 100 KSA Mental Mathematics, Communications, Powerplant and Mass & Balance.

Instructor/Facilitator/Student Support Coordinator

A320 family Pilot. ATPL. More than 7000 flight hours. Cargo and commercial.
Aeronautical management degree. CRMi.
LSC, ground and CRM Manager.
Aviation Peer.
In his own words: "Personally, I really think that the most valuable thing that we have in the organisations are the persons, that’s why I dedicated part of my time to study different subjects that have broadened my vision of the human being and all his capacities and work actually as a pilot, coach, motivational speaker and therapist.
Some of my studies are: Stand Out Program Education,Professional coaching,Gestalt therapy,Master in non-verbal language, Training in individual and/or group crisis interventions.
Master in NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming).
Oriol is an important asset in the follow-up of the implementation of 100 KSA in Andorra Aviation and is in charge of the HPL (Human Performance Limitations) course.


A320 family Captain, LSC and TRI.
More than 10.000 hrs flight experience in turboprop, Business Jets and Airliners.
Daniel is teaching Air Law and MCC Theory and FNTP Phases.


Xavier owns an ATPL License and FI SEP. He is flying on Boeing 738 as Captain and LTC (Line Training Captain) . He owns 3 Bachelor in Business Administration, Laws and Commercial Aviation from Universities Oberta de Catalunya, Rey Don Juan Carlos and Politecnica de Madrid. Owns a Post graduate degree in Aircraft Incidents and Accidents. He has logged more than 5500 hours on Jet. Actually teaching Operational Procedures.

Instructor/Facilitator/Training Coordinator

Frozen ATPL.
Yoann is in charge of the coordination with the different Instructors (TKI) in the creation of exams, supervision of study material and class schedules, he also coordinates the relationship with the different aeronautical authorities, therefore he is the focal point to make your experience with Andorra Aviation productive and efficient supporting CTKI/HT. His good results as a student and motivational spirit give him the opportunity to grow with us TKi. Actually is teaching Radio Navigation.

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