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This program is designed to meet the requirements for a flight crew position with a major European Airline as well as to work as a pilot on a corporate /private Jet.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified with at least:
EASA CPL commercial pilot’s license and Instrument Rating
EASA ATPL theory
EASA MCC Airbus A320 (Multi Crew Cooperation) course
FCL 1.055 English Proficiency test

The program can be completed in 18 months. It offers flexibility during training by allowing students who already hold an EASA PPL to join the program and receive a discount.

Fast track Pilot Program

Visa type required for (USA/Europe) M1/Shengen
  • Included
EASA ATPL (University of Andorra)
  • Included
EASA/PPL (In partnership with an European ATO- Auch-France)
  • Included
EASA CPL Professional License (in partnership with European ATO - France-UK-Ireland-Malta)
  • Included
EASA Instrument Rating (in partnership with European ATO - France-UK-Ireland-Malta)
  • Included
Language Proficiency Check (University of Andorra)
  • Included
EASA MCC A320 (Airbus Training Center Toulouse, France)
  • Included
  • Included
Accommodation (Andorra)
  • Optional
Accommodation (Auch/France)
  • Included
EASA licenses examination fees
  • Included


85.000 €

78.100 € for PPL holders

18 months program total cost

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