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This program is designed to meet the requirements for a flight crew position with a major European Airline as well as to work as a pilot on a corporate /private Jet.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified with at least:
EASA CPL commercial pilot’s license and Instrument Rating, Advanced UPRT
EASA ATPL theory
EASA MCC Airbus A320 (Multi Crew Cooperation) course
Aviation English Proficiency (TOIEC& FCL55D)

The program can be completed in 18 months. It offers flexibility during training by allowing students who already hold an EASA PPL to join the program and receive a discount.

Academy entry dates: February, September.

Fast track Pilot Program

Visa type required for Europe M1/Schengen, Andorra Student Visa
  • Included
EASA ATPL (University of Andorra)
  • Included
EASA/PPL (In partnership with a European ATO- France, Entry date: July or October)
  • Included
EASA CPL Professional License (in partnership with a European ATO)
  • Included
EASA Instrument Rating (in partnership with European ATO)
  • Included
Language Proficiency FCL055 (AAA)
  • Included
EASA MCC A320 or B737 (Europa)
  • Included
  • Facilitated
Advanced UPRT (In partnership with a European ATO - France)
  • Included
EASA licenses examination fees
  • Included

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