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Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program

The Aircraft Dispatcher is a licensed airman certificated by a Civil Aviation Administration. He/She has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operational control of flights under his/her guidance. To achieve best economics practices, passengers service and operational control, The Flight dispatcher analyses and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight, computes the amount of fuel required for the safe completion of flight according to type of aircraft, distance of flight, maintenance, limitations, weather conditions and minimum fuel requirements prescribed by aviation regulations.

Beforehand the flight dispatcher prepares flight plans with estimated information such as maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, weather reports, field conditions, NOTAMS then evaluates the progress of the flight in real time and provides feed back to the captain of any relevant weather update and ultimately recommends flight plan alternates, such as changing course, flight level and, if required, “enroute” landings in the interest of safety and economy.

To fulfil these requirements we have designed a 2 months operational dispatcher course strongly connected to pilot course. The course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the duties of a flight dispatcher. Flight dispatchers study traffic flow, meteorology, weight and balance, fuel, alternate destinations and communications. Operational case scenario study enhance skills.


6.900 €

2 months Final Cost

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